2023 Junior Club Champion

In June this year, a story about Ethan Hunter was written in Golf Australia by Martin Blake. Following are a few excerpts from that story. To read the full story please click on the link below.

Ethan Hunter is the junior champion at North Haven Golf Club in outer north-western Adelaide, which is impressive in itself. That he’s profoundly deaf and dealing with various intellectual disabilities only adds a level of inspiration to his golfing story.

“I cried,” said Natalie Veale about that moment at North Haven. “As you do as a parent. Just the way he spoke and how well he spoke about everyone who’d helped him, and it was not pre-empted. Because we hadn’t expected him to win even though he was leading after the first day. We’d told him that someone else might come along and win.”

Natalie Veale

“He’s being seen for once,” said Natalie Veale. People see him now if you know what I mean. He had never found his people before. But he’s found his likeness now. He’s made friends, and that’s beautiful. He’s engaging and communicating socially and he’s interacting with peers. He’s got friends, he’s got confidence and he’s got better fitness. It’s brought him right out of his shell.”

Blake, Martin 2023, Ethan's story: A triumph over adversity, Golf Australia, 29 June 2023 | Amateur Golf, accessed 4 August 2023, <https://www.golf.org.au/ethans-story-a-triumph-over-adversity/>

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