North Haven Club History

A newly developed public golf course at North Haven was opened in 1979.

The Beginning

A newly developed public golf course at North Haven was opened in 1979. On 4th December 1979, a public meeting was held at the Largs Pier Hotel for persons interested in forming a Golf Club at North Haven. Over 200 people attended and a Steering Committee was elected.

By 21st December 1979, after discussions with the North Haven Trust, it was agreed the membership for the proposed new club would be:

  • 120  Senior (90 male and 30 female)
  • Junior
  • Mid-week

On the 25th of February 1980, the first Committee election was held.

North Haven GC History
Committee 1980
PresidentD. Treen
Vice PresidentM. Golding
SecretaryJ. McDermott
Minutes SecretaryE. Treen
TreasurerJ. Wilkinson
CaptainB. Deplidge
Vice CaptainB. Stewart

In February 1980 a second meeting was held at the Largs Pier at which time a ballot was held to select the 90 inaugural male members. As there were more applications for membership than places available. The 90th member was elected by the toss of a coin. All other members were placed on a waiting list.

By the 1st of March, the initial Club Constitution was published. The joining fees for membership became due on 1st March 1980. The first club game was Saturday 12th April 1980, with the competition fee set at $0.50 per player. Thus the North Haven Golf Club officially commenced.

The large pine tree became the nineteenth hole as members gathered around and Colin Smith organized hot dogs for sale. A trestle table was procured so drinks and nibbles could be supplied. As winter set in a tent was purchased and was erected and dismantled each Saturday. A great club atmosphere developed and the members decided to commence fundraising to raise money towards the building of a permanent Club House.

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