North Haven Golf Course

The North Haven Golf Course is a public nine-hole course and the only golf course located on the LeFevre Peninsula.

North Haven Golf Course Layout

Holes 1 -4 are played around the perimeter of the Course with Out-of-Bounds on the left of each tee block.
Holes 5 – 9 are played on the inner layout of the Course.

It measures 2630m Par 34 with three par 3 holes ranging from 115-205m, five par 4 holes ranging from 280-390m and dogleg 454m Par 5 hole. The course contains one of the toughest par 4 holes, almost 400m from the back tees and plays into a strong southwesterly breeze. The green is further protected by two bunkers at the front, requiring the second shot to carry all the way to the green. The 8th is another challenging hole a 205m Par 3 with a narrow green protected by two bunkers in the front.

North Haven GC Hole 1

Blue Tee 330m | White Tee 314m | Red Tee 306m

Hole 1 – Teeing off near the Pro Shop this par 4 hole doglegs to the right with the large slightly elevated bunker-less green located near the Outer Harbor railway Station.

North Haven GC Hole 2

Blue Tee 380m | White Tee 331m | Red Tee 324m

Hole 2– Teeing off from in front of the Outer Harbor Railway Station this par 4 has a wide fairway and heads east around the northern edge of the course with a slight dogleg to the right. The large green is bunker-less with wide fringes.

North Haven GC Hole 3

Blue Tee 131m | White Tee 117m | Red Tee 117m

Hole 3 – This short par 3 tees off from a large tee block. The green is also large and protected by 2 bunkers on its left side.

North Haven GC Hole 4

Blue Tee 390m | White Tee 376m | Red Tee 337m

Hole 4 – This long par 4 has its tee behind the 3rd green. It is the longest and toughest hole on the course. The green is narrow from front to back and protected by 2 bunkers at the front. Stopping the ball on the green from a second shot is a real challenge even for a lower handicapper.

North Haven GC Hole 5

Blue Tee 115m | White Tee 101m | Red Tee 101m

Hole 5 – This is the shortest par 3 and easiest hole on the course. The tee block is near the practice nets in front of the clubhouse. The green is however protected by 2 bunkers, 1 at the front and 1 on the left. A strong northerly wind can really challenge you on this hole.

North Haven GC Hole 6

Blue Tee 454m | White Tee 431m | Red Tee 405m

Hole 6 – This is the only par 5 on the course. It is a long dogleg that turns right after your second shot. There are plenty of trees on the right to be careful of. The bunker less green is long and relatively narrow so an approach from the middle of the fairway is best.

North Haven GC Hole 7

Blue Tee 280m | White Tee 261m | Red Tee 255m

Hole 7 – This is the easiest par 4 on the course. It has a small dogleg to the left but an easy approach to the green with a good tee shot. The narrow-tiered green is protected on the right by a shallow bunker.

North Haven GC Hole 8

Blue Tee 205m | White Tee 150m | Red Tee 142m

Hole 8 – This par 3 is long and difficult off the blue tees. It is difficult to land the ball on the green and stop it as the front of the narrow green is protected by 2 deep bunkers.

North Haven GC Hole 9

Blue Tee 345m | White Tee 326m | Red Tee 320m

Hole 9 – The last hole is a par 4 with a slight dogleg to the left heading back to the clubhouse. A good tee shot will be rewarded by a good angle to the green. The large green is however protected by a large front bunker so care is needed.