Club Policies


Dress Rules


Members and Guests are expected to dress in a manner and style that upholds the dress code tradition that has evolved for golfers over the a centuries.

Members, their guests and all visitors should be smartly, neatly and cleanly dressed at all times.


Heat Policy for Club Competitions


Why have a UV, Dehydration & Heat Stress Policy?
  • Only play golf when it is safe to do so – see heat policy belowIn the event you are playing golf in hot conditions then be aware of the following:
  • Playing in hot weather will result in extra fluid loss (dehydration)
  • Even small degrees of dehydration will cause a decrease in performance and this can occur at any stage of a match/competition particularly in hot conditions
  • Dehydration contributes to fatigue and may make you more susceptible to cramps, heat stress and heat stroke

Avoid the poor performance and possible health risks that result from dehydration and heat stress by having adequate fluid replacement and being appropriately attired during your golfing activity.


If the temperature is predicted to be 38.0 degrees or greater on the channel nine news the night before a competition day there will be no tee off after 8 AM unless you have signed a Heat Policy Waiver Form. These forms are available from the Pro Shop.

---In the event, at any time, you are playing in hot conditions the following

 ---‘BEAT THE HEAT’ policy applies---     

‘Beat The Heat’ when you do play using the following measures


Members of the North Haven Golf club


  • wear light clothing - light in both colour and weight
  • wear a golf shirt with a collar and adopt the policy that the higher the temperature the higher the collar – all Golf shirts purchased from NHGC have an appropriate collar
  • wear a hat or visor - a broad brimmed hat is preferred
  • wear a 30+ sunscreen to prevent skin damage and skin cancer – the club supplies such a product free of charge – it usually sits on the table under the verandah
  • wear sunglasses to protect your eyes



  • sweat is mainly water and very little salt; salt tablets are not necessary and can make dehydration worse
  • drink cool water - it is absorbed more rapidly than warm water. If exercise is going to continue for more than 1 hour, use a sports drink
    (a carbohydrate drink of 5-10% concentration with the addition of a small amount of sodium)
  • thirst is a poor indicator; it is a late signal of severe fluid loss



  • Avoid starting exercise dehydrated. Drink plenty of fluids prior to playing
  • Drink at least 500ml (2-3 glasses) ½ to 1 hr before a game
  • Drink at least 200ml (1-2 glasses) every 15 mins ( 3 holes) during a game
  • Drink at least 500ml to 1 litre (5-6 glasses) after a game and continue to drink until fluid losses are replaced


Symptoms of Heat Injury or Heat Stroke
  • fatigue
  • nausea
  • headache
  • confusion
  • light-headedness
  • These indicate you should stop, drink more fluids and cool down. Seek medical treatment if these symptoms don’t improve rapidly
  • Also remember to keep an eye on your partner or team mates who may not realise they are suffering from dehydration or heat stress
  • Take extreme care if exercising for more than 30 minutes in very hot weather (>34 deg C)

Dehydration, heat and sun injury can be prevented and should be part of a players pre-activity plan, so ...



  • Lie the victim down
  • Loosen and remove excessive clothing
  • Cool by fanning
  • Give cool water to drink if conscious
  • Apply wrapped ice packs to groins and armpits
  • IF an ambulance is required follow the procedures documented in the North Haven Golf Club EMERGENCY PLAN


The Management Committee 

Local Rules

 To be read in conjunction with the Rules of Golf.

1.      Out Of Bounds

-      All Boundary Fences.

-      Club house verandah perimeter, pathway to pro-shop and pro-shop verandah perimeter.

-      Relief can be taken if the ball in play lies between the four white post around the Green-keepers Shed.

2.   Trees and Shrubs

-        All planted trees and shrubs under two club lengths high are treated as Immovable Obstruction.

     Members Please note:- Relief from tree’s under two club lengths only applies to new planted tree’s and stake staked tree’s.

3.   G.U.R Signs and Hoops

-      Ground under repair signs and hoops are to be treated as Movable Obstruction.

-                   4.        Stones, Rocks and Shells

    -     Stones and shells in bunkers are to be treated as Movable Obstructions.

   -   If a ball comes to rest on or against an embedded rock or stone, relief may be taken by “placing” the ball the ball within         150mm no nearer the hole

4.        Watering Equipment

  - Hoses, taps and sprinklers must not be moved, or turned off, and are to be treated as Immovable Obstructions. Rule 31.2  applies.


  • Players are obliged to read the notice board at the first tee area before commencement of play.
  • Players commencing their second nine must alternate with players commencing their first nine, except where a booking sheet is in use.
  • Please replace divots and repair all plug marks on the greens. Buggies are not to be taken onto the green or in the bunkers. All players shall accept the risks of personal damage incidental to play on the course.


The Match Committee




Life style

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