Club Champions

The following Members have won the prestigious Annual Club Champions Trophy or Presidents Trophy.

Year       Club Champion           Presidents Trophy       Ladies Champoin 
1980 L O'Rielly D Nitschke M Marshall
1981 R Schottelius M Moore  M Marshall
1982 D Kelly G Gooley  B Jobson
1983 K Land  L O'Rielly B Jobson
1984 D Kelly  P Walker M Marshall
1985 T Schottelius T Marshall B Jobson
1986 D Kelly  M Bow B Jobson
1986 D Kelly  D Dolan  B Jobson
1988 D Kelly DStorey B Jobson
1989 D Kelly  D Osborn  B Jobson
1990 R Foreman  B Barber P Hewett
1991 D Kelly  J M Smith  J Gooley
1992 D W Forrest  D Newcombe I Marchi
1993 T Manhire  W Bampton I Marchi
1994 T Manhire   C Loughead D Ashby
1995 T Manhire   D Newcombe E L Summers
1996 T Manhire  J Rajan E L Summers
1997 D W Forrest   G Browne E L Summers
1998 T Manhire  J Curtin  E L Summers
1999 J Rajan A Edgar  E L Summers
2000 T Manhire M Perry E L Summers
2001 A Hodge  A Hodge  E L Summers
2002 A Hodge   A Bentley  E L Summers
2003 T Roberts  D Thompson E L Summers
2004 T Roberts  G Aspinall E L Summers
2005 A Kastanos  K Kinnear  -
2006 D Thompson W Box A Shiell
2007 T Roberts  C Grundel  R Hodge
2008 J Burns  B Flowers  -
2009 T Roberts  S Clohessy  M Stringer
2010 J Rajan  P Cramp  M Stringer
2011 T Roberts  K Martin  -
2012 T Roberts   P Morcom  -
2013 J Burns   K Martin -
2014 J Burns I Meredith -
2015 I Meredith   J Bigiolli -
2016 N Hayes  A Kostich -
2017 N Hayes





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